Vincent Van Gogh: Madman or Genius?

Vincent Van Gogh: madman or genius?

Anthony Russel

It would seem that there has never been fascination in an artist to rival the Dutchman who simply signed his work ‘Vincent’.  We are all aware of the recent exhibitions and the remarkable prices realised for this humble artist’s work.  Most of us appreciate the beauty of his efforts but how much to we know about the man himself?  This lecture considers exactly why, despite never selling a painting and his committing suicide in poverty, no art historian today denies his genius.  There are extraordinary, little know facts to be revealed, while enjoying the remarkable range of his talent.  Though seeming so extreme and exceptional, the tragic story of his loveless life is deeply moving and his humanity makes a lasting impression.

Anthony Russel has travelled much of the world, combining painting with tour lecturing  principally to American university students on bespoke tours.  He spent six years as a consultant for Luke Hughes and travelled the country advising on the furniture needs of prestigious buildings, including museums, palaces, schools and cathedrals.  Anthony is now based in London and spends much of his time lecturing and undertaking research, while assisting at the British Museum with outreach events and visiting lecturers.

Thursday 18th February at 7.30pm (via Zoom or at a venue to be confirmed).